Newcastle Aikido Club Class Schedule

Tuesday  6:30 - 8pm (All Levels)
Thursday  6:30 - 8:30pm (All Levels)

All classes take place at the Benfield Sports Centre, NE6 4NU.

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All Levels

These classes are ideal for both beginners and advanced students alike. The classes covers basic techniques and attacks. Students are taught how to take ukemi (breakfalls) and other important aspects particular to aikido, such as shikko (knee-walking).


Weapons are routinely taught in the final 30mins of the Thursday class.  Weapons are suitable for all levels and covers the work practiced at the Newcastle Aikido Club. Bokken, Jo and Tanto are all studied as well as Kata (kumitachi, kumijo and ken tai jo) and disarming techniques. Where applicable, the relationship between the weapons and empty hand work is highlighted.


There is no competition in aikido. A students’ development is a personal journey in which they learn to explore their boundaries at their own pace. After the teacher has demonstrated a technique, students practice in pairs exploring the technique from the point of view of both attacker and defender. As the defender one learns to redirect an aggressors’ energy, primarily through circular movements, in order to harmonize and disperse it. As the attacker you will learn to protect yourself and fall safely while simultaneously allowing your partner to apply their technique more faithfully.

As a new student, your first three months of training will be exciting, challenging, and sometimes daunting. This is normal and everyone around you has been through precisely the same joys and doubts.

For your first time on the mat, wear loose, comfortable clothing, such as tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt. No special footwear is necessary; training is always barefoot.

The First Class is free!

The Walkergate Metro station is a 5min walk from the dojo.