Kangeiko & Misogi

Kangeiko and Misogi 2017

Kangeiko is simply winter training, very often intensive and sometime it includes an element of misogi. 

Misogi is the Japanese Shinto tradition of ritual purification.  It is usually an austere and intense form of practice to introduce the practitioner to the connection between mind, body and spirit.  The most common image of misogi is standing meditation under an ice-cold waterfall. Other practices include conscious breathing during movement, seated mediation and specific dietetic restriction, such as fasting.  

This year I will be performing kangeiko and misogi and invite you to join me for one or both of these practices. Please feel free to drop into all or some of the sessions. There is no charge for kangeiko due to the austere location. 

Kangeiko: Mon 30 Jan – Sun 5 Feb

  • 6 – 6:45am Tynemouth Beach below Tynemouth Abby, click here for Google maps.
  • Training will be on the beach regardless of the weather.
  • Please bring warm clothing and a towel for afterwards.
  • Please bring your weapons (if you have them).
  • For those that wish to join me for a brisk dip after practice please bring swim wear.
  • Sun 17 Jan training will be 0930 - 1030 in order to have breakfast at Riley’s Fish Shack.

Misogi: Mon 30 Jan – Sun 5 Feb

Misogi is a deeply personal practice one which can offer deeper insight into your practice. To this end I can only offer basic guidance based on my own experiences.  Taking a cold shower while keeping the mind calm is a common, very private, form of misogi. You might consider starting your day with a cold shower or go even further and omit hot water for the week!  People often remove a stimulant during misogi e.g. coffee sugar or alcohol.  Finally those undergoing misogi are asked to replace their black belt with a white one in keeping with the idea of a fresh beginning.  


 “Hard training is not just muscle training…It is more than fast throws and hard ukemi. These trainings are important, but the hard training that builds strong spirit and develops spiritual confidence is the training of a hard situation…Try fasting for one week and still continue to train regularly…As the body reaches its limits, the spirit takes over and begins to grow.”


                                                                        Mitsugi Saotome – Aikido and the Harmony of Nature